To be eligible for a scholarship in Louisiana, a student must meet the following income, residency, and prior school year requirements.

2024-25 Scholarships are provided on a first-applied, first-awarded basis as funds are available, with priority given to current Arete, TDC, and Louisiana State Scholarship recipients. Please bookmark this site and check again in February 2024 for updates on application dates and income requirements.

  1. Louisiana resident, AND
  2. Attended a public school in Louisiana on October 1 & February 1 of the 2023-24 school year, OR
  3. Entering kindergarten in 2024-25, OR
  4. Received a TDC or Louisiana Scholarship Program award in 2023-24, AND
  5. Family income less than the following maximum amounts:
Household Size Max Annual $
2 People $49,300
3 People $62,150
4 People $75,000
5 People $87,850
6 People $100,700
7 People $113,550