May 2nd, 2024  |  Events, Partners, Students & Alumni

Arete Scholars Enjoy Atlanta Braves Game

Last Sunday, the sun shone brightly over Truist Park as the Atlanta Braves played host to the Cleveland Guardians. But beyond the crack of bats and the roar of the crowd, something special was happening. It was Arete Scholars Day, a day that brought immense joy and unforgettable memories to 58 lucky Arete family members, courtesy of our friends at the Atlanta Braves.

The generosity of the Braves organization provided an opportunity for Arete Scholars and their families to experience the thrill of a Major League Baseball game firsthand. As the stands filled with excited chatter and anticipation, the atmosphere was electric with the promise of an unforgettable afternoon.

Following ten innings of gripping baseball action, the real highlight awaited: an opportunity for the students to run the bases. With beaming smiles and boundless energy, they took to the field, their laughter echoing through the stadium. It was a moment of pure exhilaration, a chance for these young fans to connect with the game they love in a way they will never forget.

           Rebecca E. and family enjoying a day with Arete Scholars and the Atlanta Braves.

But it wasn't just about the game itself. It was about the sense of community, the spirit of generosity, and the power of coming together to create moments of joy. As families soaked in the day's excitement, gratitude filled the air.

Rebecca E., an Arete parent, expressed her heartfelt appreciation, saying, "I was widowed 11 years ago, and it's people like you who have been the hands and feet of Jesus to us!" Her words resonated deeply, highlighting the impact of simple acts of kindness on those who need it most.

                   Alison B. and family watching the Atlanta Braves on Arete Scholars Day.

Alison B. shared the sentiments of many families, saying, "It was such a wonderful afternoon. Please let the donors know how much we appreciate them. My kids said that it was the best day of their lives! We enjoyed it so much! Thank you again for making such an amazing day for all of us! We love Arete!"

Sarah R. echoed these sentiments, expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy a day of fun with her loved ones, saying, "Thank you so much for coordinating this and giving us an opportunity for a fun day out."

These heartfelt expressions of gratitude underscored the profound impact of Arete Scholars Day, not just as a baseball game but as a symbol of hope, generosity, and community spirit. It was a reminder that, even amid life's challenges, there is always joy to be found in coming together and creating lasting memories.

As the sun set on Truist Park that evening, the echoes of laughter and cheers lingered, a testament to the power of simple acts of kindness to brighten lives and uplift spirits. And for the Arete Scholars and their families, it was a day they would cherish forever—a day filled with love, laughter, and the magic of America's favorite pastime.