August 20th, 2022  |  Students & Alumni

“Back to School” Has Never Been So Meaningful

As the 2022-23 school year begins, we want to recognize our schools and supporters for helping children receive a life-changing education. This school year, Arete Scholars has awarded nearly 2,400 scholarships to children in families with limited resources.

The impact of an Arete scholarship touches families in many ways ­– from providing a safe environment that establishes a lifelong love of learning, to preparing a child to be a first-generation college student. For Angel, a teacher and mother of two, it's an opportunity to send her daughters to a quality school that aligns with her family's values.

"The Arete scholarship allows my daughters to attend the faith-based school where I have taught first grade for the last 11 years. Last year, I had the privilege of teaching my oldest daughter daily in first grade, which was a wonderful experience and would not have been possible without this scholarship. Arete Scholars has provided my daughters the opportunity to receive a quality education. Because of the scholarship, their future and overall happiness is limitless. Thank you for making their dreams a possibility!” – Angel

There are thousands of parents like Angel – from all walks of life and across all the diverse areas of our country – who have similar dreams for their children but lack the necessary resources. Your continued support helps turn their dreams into reality. On behalf of the parents and children we serve, thank you for being a part of this important mission.