November 24th, 2017  |  Students & Alumni

Scholar Spotlight - Yancey Young

More than 1,500 students received an Arete scholarship this school year. That's more than 1,500 personal stories and a host of reasons why school choice was important but not possible. Yancey Young’s story of hope and new beginnings is one of our favorites.

Over six years ago in New Orleans, then third grader Yancey Young suffered a tragic family loss, triggering of rough stretch personally and academically. 

"It was very hard," said Yancey. "I would have breakdowns in class. I was taking medicine for ADHD, and I was always getting in trouble."

Leading up to high school, Yancey faced a critical turning point in his development.

“I applied to a couple different schools around the city, but my mom always told me that St. Augustine was the best for me," said Yancey. "And mom always knows best.”

Watch as Yancey shares how a scholarship to historic St. Augustine High School changed his life and gave him hope for a brighter future.