January 3rd, 2024  |  School Choice

What is Georgia's "Cap?"

Did you know that funding for your Arete Scholars Georgia scholarship comes from donations raised under a Georgia tax law called Georgia’s Qualified Education Expense Credit (QEE)? 

Unfortunately, the law caps the amount of sorely-needed scholarship funding that organizations can accept annually, which limits the number of children Arete can support through our program. This year alone, Arete supporters were denied the opportunity to provide over $3 million in critical funding to help hundreds of new children enter our program.

There is enough funding to continue to support your child’s existing scholarship, and we look forward to continuing to serve your family through our impactful Arete scholarship program. 

However, all across Georgia, there are thousands of families like yours eager for the best possible education for their children. You can help them by supporting our policy efforts to increase the state fundraising cap, which will increase the cap on donations for scholarship organizations like Arete Scholars and help us transform more children’s lives. 

Our lawmakers want to hear from you and deeply value personal stories of how programs like this help local communities and families like yours. Your note could help raise the cap so that many more families can benefit from a life-changing education.

By sharing your story of encouragement, you can help thousands of parents who, like you, are eager to give their children the best opportunities in life to succeed. 

If you would like to be part of our effort to increase the cap and to improve education policy in Georgia, please join our mailing list here.